Markets That We Serve (All)


Residential Service

Service and repair in your home with a two hour window for tech arrival time.

Apartment Communities

This is one of the fastest growing segments of the fitness equipment service business. Less than 30 years ago, very few apartments had fitness centers. Today, all new apartments not just have fitness centers, they have very nice centers with the latest equipment. 

Municipal Recreation Centers

Better known as city rec. centers, these facilities have grown and now many are better equipped than the local health club. Many have indoor heated pools. All at a very low price for community members.

Hotels and Resorts

Even the smaller hotels have fitness centers. The larger hotels and resorts have fitness centers that rival the national chain health clubs. 

Universities and Colleges

Today's students want to keep in shape when they are not studying. Students pay a small fee to use state of the art fitness equipment right on campus.


Condominium Fitness Centers

Another example of having fitness equipment where you live. Many of these facilities are high rise buildings where members can easily walk or take an elevator to their fitness center. 

Corporate Fitness Centers

Companies have learned over the years that an employee that is healthy, not only is more efficient during work, but misses less time due to illness. A great win-win situation where members can work out before work, on their lunch break, or after work.  

Hospitals and Rehab

Hospitals have put in full cardio and strength equipment facilities. Many times these are known as wellness centers. Sometimes they are together with the rehab facilities, sometimes they are separate.

Homeowners Associations

Many large housing developments in North Texas have community centers with fitness equipment. There are several that we service that have multiple fitness centers throughout the development. Most have a pool close by. 

Country Clubs

Fitness equipment was added to country club living many years ago. It is not just about golf, tennis and dining anymore.


YMCAs are one of the oldest segments of the fitness market and they are still going strong today. There are approximately 40 YMCAs in the greater DFW Metroplex area.


Fitness Centers and Gyms

Fitness centers and gyms have been around a long time. They vary a lot on size and items offered. There are many national chains such as Anytime Fitness, Lifetime Fitness, Gold's Gym, 24 Hour Fitness, Planet Fitness and many more. 

Office Building Fitness Centers

Many office buildings with multiple tenants have fitness centers. This is one of the perks that get new tenants and keep existing tenants. A great way to get a workout in before work, on their lunch break and after work.

Police and Fire

This is one of the most valuable areas to have fitness equipment. Our Police and Fire personnel need to be in good shape to be able to protect and save people in their communities.